Salesian of Don Bosco

Last May 1, the whole Salesian Congregation was rejoicing for the gift of five new Salesians. One of them, the only Filipino in the batch, Bro. Jomar Castillom, hails from Canlubang, Laguna and belongs to the first batch of the High School Department of Don Bosco College, Canlubang. He thus becomes the first Salesian who comes from among our high school alumni in Canlubang. I can just imagine how he felt, the thrill that came with the night, the moments before profession. First profession signifies a reliving of one’s baptism so that our new Salesians acquire once more the baptismal innocence that they got when they were baptized. There is a feeling of joy when they embrace the vows of obedience, poverty and chastity. From that moment of profession, Bro. Jomar would have to sign his name with SDB. There is more than just that. As a Salesian, he would be another Don Bosco among the young. I invite all readers of this message to pray for our new Salesian, Bro. Jomar.


2 Responses to Salesian of Don Bosco

  1. jun says:

    Hi Father! I added you to my links. I hope you can link me too. I’ve linked Jerome, Fr. Chito and Fr. Duds. Check my blog at I hope you can also contribute and article or two.

    God bless!

  2. maddi says:

    hello po! whoa, i didn’t know you were a blog person po. and you have multiply too! yay! i have one too po but it’s inactive. hehe…

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