THE Thursday

This is the day of La lumière. Our weekly newsletter comes out every Thursday and even as you come out of your annual spiritual retreat, while at the same time I am making mine, it is worthwhile to look at the reason behind the special character of this day of the week, Thursday.
Every Thursday, in praying the rosary, we meditate upon the mysteries of light, and thus, the name la lumière. These mysteries culminate in the institution of the Eucharist by our Lord: Holy Thursday. This Lord’s Supper the institution of which we celebrate today, begins the Easter Triduum which leads to our celebration of Easter, the commemoration of the Lord’s resurrection. Thursday thus becomes the light that leads us into the threshold of the summit of our Christian life: celebrating Life—Jesus rising again to life.
Let the ponderings that we make these days of the Triduum and throughout the Easter Season make us even more thankful of the gift of Thursday: the gift of Christ’s love and service, the gift of his presence—so vivid in the last supper! A blessed Easter Season to each one of you!


One Response to THE Thursday

  1. bluegray says:

    🙂 This would really brighten up someone’s day! God bless! More power to you, Fr. Joel!

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